Thursday, March 06, 2008

Oh, What a glorious day that will be, when no more stupid yellow dog I see...


The Boisverts said...

Hey... so I'm going to attempt your pizza even though I'm recipe-less; I'm just going to use the ingredients you mentioned and wing it. I hope it comes out as good as yours looked!

Just a question: so are you not a fan of John Eldridge b/c of theology differences or were you just disappointed by the books and what he had to offer? Just curious. We love Wild at Heart so I was surprised to see you wouldn't recommend it.

Rebecca said...

#1- Sorry about the recipe thing... I just found some random crust recipe from the net. I think it was:
4 cups flour, 2 cups water, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 teaspoon salt, 2 packets of yeast, 2 eggs, i think. Mix dry ingredients, then mix in wet stuff. knead, then let rise for two hours, punch down, let rise again. knead into pizzas. I pre-hydrated the yeast in warm water, and used 5-/50 whole wheat and white flour. the rest was just thrown together. I didn't try to ignore you, Just didnt have much of a recipe. Hope that helps!!

#2- I will have to respond fully later, with examples, but in a nutshell: John Eldridge is an actor, and he speaks very well. He is not a theologian or a Bible scholar, and his books show it well. His message is very nice to hear, especially in a culture where the feminism movement and general culture have neutered males as a whole. However, he goes to far, and he oversteps his bounds. Wild at Heart is very man-centered and God-minimalizing. His books do not match up with the biblical literature. This is a big problem for me, because there is a study book for his stuff, and churches are doing it in classes and small groups. In a nutshell, he's just downright wrong.

When I read Wild at Heart, I loved it for a while. I didnt read very critically, comparing it with Scripture. I read it comparing it with how I felt, and I think that's why it felt so good.

Please dont take me judgemental or pious. I dont mean to be that way.
If you want specifics, I would be glad to give them, though it might take a while for me to find time.

Good luck with that pizza!