Wednesday, April 02, 2008

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness

A gift from my wife, who read from a friend, and then bought from a store, and gave to her husband, who giggled with glee, and then read with excitement, this new book of fantasy.

You who are too boring to like anything not true, please do not read this book, but those who spent their childhood running through Narnia, climbing the cliffs of Mount Doom, flying through time with Gaudior, sorrowing with the Wild Thing, then please put your kids to bed and come with me to the land of Skree.

The thing I hate so about reading a brand new book is that I have to wait whoknowshowlong to have a stab at the second one. That stinks.

It's nice, though, to read a book that's not all bound up with powerful ethical analogy blah, blah, blah, but is just fun to read. That I can comfortably know the author isn't writing an entire series just so he can kill God at the end is super fun as well.

Well, if I haven't mysteriously alluded to too many other fantasies to bore you stiff, then I sum up:

Forget about the mortgage, your sick aunt Lois, what Sister-stuckupbutt said at church, etc., and read this book. Enjoy, live, make Andrew Petersen money, he is one of the minority that deserve it.

( So click on the post title and buy the book already, silly muffin...)

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