Saturday, April 12, 2008

So, I was making breakfast the other day, and I turned around to see this: A sixteen foot line of "hard animals" stretched out the entire length of my future basement trim.

The first question that came to my mind? Where ARE they all going?

I thought it necessary to give proper credit to the fearless leader, rippling muscles, head erect and proud, and owner of the most dangerously poofy hair in the whole toy tub: Barbie horse.

Why was this animal chosen to lead her people to the kitchen? I think the reasons are obvious.


gina said...

Kevin, just zipped through your last seven or eight posts. I must say, they made me giggle, especially the part about Sister stuckupbutt. Looks like life is good for you guys. It would be better if you were in WV, but what do I know? Wait, I live here, so I DO know. Glad you and my hubby could catch up some recently. It was good for his spirits.

samuel said...

Hilarious post. You should write a novel.

About toys.

tenthousandplaces said...

This made me smile.