Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wierd Wednesday

Ello, in the spirit of blogging perpetually for no terribly good reason, just because it's now expected somehow, so as to not disappoint my "fans" (thank my wife for this advice), I have decided to share some of the weirdness that comes to me as I fight insanity while working completely alone all day, every day. (If I work for you, the fact that my mind is rarely on what I am doing for money should in no way shake your rock-hard confidence in my abilities, in fact, you really should be more impressed... but back to the subject)


#1 The post shall be animal, mineral, vegetable, experience or idea that I think is weird enough to share with the world, and that will somehow boost my stats to at least one tenth of my wife's, who sometimes doesn't even write any words, but yet has dozens of hits per day.

#2 The post itself shall be utterly and completely true, unless primarily my own ideas or opinions, in which case it shall probably be almost mostly incorrect.

#3 The post shall appear sometime between the hours of 8pm Tuesday and 7am Wednesday.

I may add more hedges later as this is a precedent-based blog.

Now, without further ado...

Installment #1

As I do entirely more often than is natural, I was driving down the road the other day when, I reached a rural section of backroad. I noticed that two wood ducks had seen my approach and flown from the small pond on the side of the road. Within a few seconds, both fowl were flapping madly directly in front of my truck, and about twelve feet in the air. "Ah!" I thought to myself, "What a lovely and scenic experience... it's not everyday that one gets to watch ducks fly close-up."
And while that it true, it is even more rare to see one of those same ducks lift it's tail and take an extended whizz directly on my driver-side windshield.

Wipers squeaking and ducks still flying, I thought to myself, "Well, there's another first for me..."


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