Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gud Preachin'

Being a carpenter who largely works alone, I have plenty of time to listen to whatever I want, and think about whatever I want. Well, I've been listening to a stockpile of sermons by this guy for a while now.

I am right now listening to a series called "The Family in Perspective" by him. What he says is excellent and absolutely unsaid, in my experience. So, I think it's time for a post about it.

I don't know who, but somebody has said that "in every generation, the Church is to some measure a reflection of the culture in which it lives".

My theory on culture and theology is that in every generation the church must look at itself in society, notice the over and under-emphasized, and correct accordingly. Also, like a bent coathanger, whatever is out of form must be corrected to a greater degree or the abnormality will continue to exist. The problem is, most aren't looking for the bend, and almost no one corrects accordingly. We walk away from the mirror unchanged in relation to the family.

Well, hopefully I have some sense, and perked your interest enough that you will go to the extreme of clicking here, then listen with your brain, and allow room for something either refreshing or offensive. Either way, may God use it for His glory and your sanctification, eh?

Listen, think, study the Word on it, and then give glory to God for the grace given to the likes of Arturio Azurdia III.

PS- Once you finish the link to the first sermon, you will have to go here, where you can scroll down to the very bottom to find the other three in the series.

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samuel said...

Thanks, I plan to listen soon.

I think your analogy is apt. The problem during Athanasius day was the deity and eternality of the Son of God. Today it may be Egalitarianism v. Biblical Complementarianism, or Prosperity Heresy vs the real Gospel, stuff like that. We gotta wake up and be aware.

Piper, echoing CS Lewis, calls on us to read three books from the previous century or before for every one book from the current century...with what you said in view. We are so often blind to the errors of our own age and old dead dudes help us see them.

Thanks for the great post and subject matter to stew on.