Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oh the Excitement!!!!!!

How excited am I about the recently released ESV Study Bible? Perty dang excited, that's how excited. Here's a story to illustrate:

Last night, we were having over someone who I felt would benefit greatly from this resource, someone whom I did not know I would see again very soon. So, I...

went to two Christian bookstores that are out of business, one that only hablas espanol, one Borders, one Barnes and Nobles and a Target (as a last desperate measure). This all too over an hour, and much backtracking, and I didn't even find one.

So, I went home, asked them their preferred color, and ordered that sucker online. I've already bought my wife one, the notes are EXCELLENT, and the ESV translation is a lovely and faithful translation.

Get one, as soon as they print some more. You can check out the book of Matthew here.

You can buy one here, and while you're at it, pick up something else to read as well.

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samuel said...

I am loving mine. Can't wait to get into it more.