Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And above all else...

There are a lot of things I consider important for me to do. Work, love my wife and kids, be honest, be on time, blog...

But in my teaching through I Peter, I've come across some funny language. With more commands per verse than any other biblical book, I Peter has a lot to say, but I was struck recently by this:

"Above all, keep loving one another earnestly", and I can't overlook the qualifier- "since love covers a multitude of sins".

It made me think that there must be a multitude of sins to be covered, or the qualifier wouldn't make sense. And isn't it true, even among the Bride of Christ?

But you say, "You just don't know, this guy is an idiot!" Yeah, you're probably right. Just remember that you're an idiot too.

Look to the Cross and you can forgive any idiot. He who has been forgiven much, can forgive much. This is Kingdom life, a bunch of idiots having to constantly forgive other idiots because they have been forgiven the ultimate idiocy. If you can't forgive and let love cover, you're out of touch with the covering of your own sin. Focus on Christ and what He did for you, who He is, and how much you deserved a royal buttkicking.

Just take a few minutes to think about that, then go and lay down your life for your brother, even if he's stinker.


Jodi said...

Great exhortation Kev!

Samuel D. Smith said...

Amen, brother. One of our shepherds frequently mentions this as it relates to body life.

So great.

pj50 said...

What an apt word Kevin. 1 Peter is such a convicting little book.

Kevin Jack said...

Thanks for the amens, everyone. Just the other day I realized how nutty my blog is:

I am a carpenter who listens to sermons all day, and reads theology at night, but hardly ever posts about wood or God (at least in an encouraging way).

There's something not quite right about that.