Monday, April 13, 2009

Must listen sermons #2

Meet Dr. Don Carson. I truly think he may be the smartest Christian on earth. I listened to a two part lecture by him on how the New Testament writers quoted the Old Testament, and it gave me a headache. Shoot, I didn't even know what he was talking about for ten minutes. But don't let that scare you, he's normally very understandable, clear and practical. Carson also has to be the most gracious and fair speaker I have ever heard. He did about 7 hours of lecture on Open Theism and not once resorted to name calling or character defamation. He was very respectful the entire time, if you can imagine that.

If ever I am asked a theological question I don't know, I am sure I will say "Whatever Don Carson says...".

On a lighter note: I once heard him speak at a conference, and my friend and I bumped into him before a session began. There we were, I could have asked him anything, said anything, maybe had that nagging question answered that has been haunting my mind for years. So what did I say?

"Can we bring coffee in here?"

His answer? A truly humble giant, he responded- "I don't know. They say speak, and I speak."

And then we moved on, the life-goal of chatting with Carson realized. Now for the sermons. I'll focus on End Times, because the subject is so blown up and theoretical for most that Carson is a clear and needed voice on the topic.

Apocalypse Now- He brings it all back down to earth.

How to Wait for Jesus- Again, the beauty of Carson is that he so wisely keeps it to the main point and very practical.

The Doctrine of Last Things- A five part series, immensely encouraging, and gets my biggest vote.


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