Friday, May 01, 2009

Shutup and Bootup

Having recently achieved total marital bliss, I have decided to share one of secrets of my success:

It's a little thing I like to call "The Daily Download"- I walk in the door at days end, and at the first free moment (usually hours later), I let my wife "download" the day to me. I hear about discipline issues, shoolwork, van tire pressure, the weather, the bills. Then there's the world news, church, extended family, skin rashes and the snake that lives in our kitchen wall. Yeah, I think the snake thing's cool, too...

Bottom line, dudes, we must listen to our wives, and be genuinely concerned about their world. Mine washes my clothes, cleans the house, teaches my children and puts up with me every day. But most of all, my interaction with her mirrors Christ and his chosen Lady, and in the analogy, I play the role of Christ.

He didn't clutch onto Godhood, but died at the hands of His creation to redeem it. So to me, it's a small thing to let her spill verbally. It's just one small way I can love her as myself.

Just try it. Give her ten minutes of real, true, hard listening, and watch her reaction.


Jodi said...

Kevin, this is the second time your manly blog has made me cry.

Samuel D. Smith said...

Thanks for this. Good word.

Let's have our marriages tell the truth about Jesus, and thata's mostly up to us, men.