Thursday, September 10, 2009

Only in Homeschool...

Here is a curious example of my children's artwork. Currently learning about ziggurats, the tower of Babel, ancient culture, etc. my "dark one" as I like to call her, produced an altar complete with slain human sacrifice. Note the tell-tale juvenile reality alteration: blood is green, altar is purple, but the person is white. I don't know what that means. But being the emcouraging father I am I did say "Wow, Em, that's a really great human sacrifice."

She'd probably be in therapy if she was in public school. Maybe we'll work on toning it down a bit before she hits that point...


JenHartNSoul said...

There was a missionary who came to our church, who told about the "cutest" little child in their mission field, who was too young to learn whatever their word for "murder" was, but would say it in the funniest ways. Like if you took a drink of his water, or displeased him somehow.

I said, "Funny! If they did that over here they'd be on Ritalin by the next day!" ha ha.

So... big props to your little Em for such glorious, unfiltered creations; and even bigger props to you for recognizing the glory in the unfiltered.

Dan said...

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