Sunday, January 20, 2008

Suffer the little children... and suffer me to be one

So, Nora prayed a blessing for the food this morning, and I thought it was so adorable that I want to reproduce it as best I can.

"Tank u fah mommy to be a pincess, an tank u fah daddy to be a hoshy (horsey), an tank u fah emma to be shnow white, an tank u fah Hannah to be shnow white (Hannah grins wildly), an tank u fah me to be shnow white, an tank u fah mommy, an tank u fah daddy, an tank u fah da food, amen."

A few weeks ago she would have certainly included "and tank u fah santa to come to town...", but I guess that season is over, and she knows it.

These requests came out a pure and sincere heart, silly as they may be, and I don't doubt God smiles when a little one prays. Besides, when it come to God, are we as adults any more adequate than my little Nora? Are some of my requests any sillier than hers in His eyes?

Thank God for a righteousness that is not my own, one that doesn't expect me to be perfect and depends on Christ and not me! I come to Him, depending on Him for EVERYTHING, completely trusting and to use noraspeak- "tank u fah me to be mah like you, to lean on you mah, an tank you fah little guls who point their Daddy to Jesus".

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