Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mound of Mice- Part 2

Let me first answer some questions:

"And also, were they stuck together? As in, are they in a nice little conglomeration of death? Or are they isolated corpses? Also, were they found exactly as they are pictured, or was the evidence tampered with by suspect #1 (aka Kevin Jack Smith)?"

Stuck? I wouldn't call it stuck, but yes, a nice little conglomeration of death they were. They were found exactly as pictured, for in the picture they are exactly as found.

Further info:

There were 10 mice and 2 moles, all obviously very dead. Not tied together, but neatly stacked.

Time: App. 10 AM

Upon further inspection, we found that some, but not all noses were bloody.

Many of the subjects fur was damp, but it had not been raining.

All bodies were flexible and not yet rigor mortised or cold.

Feel free to click the picture to glean other facts not yet noticeed by the investigators. And we welcome any help you might give in solving this crime.

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Danielle said...

are you sure they weren't just sleeping??? :)