Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sovereignty on a First Grade reading level Part 2- Double Predestination

Emma: " We're like God's toys, He can do whatever He wants with us, right?"

Dad: "Yes, Em, He can do whatever He wants with us."

Dad: "You know Emma, you know when you play with your toys and have them fight wars, you make some good guys and some bad guys? Well, that's kinda like how God does with us. The only difference is that we ALL start out as bad guys. God chooses some to stay bad guys and some to make into good guys, and it's all because that's the way He wants it. Does that make sense?

Emma: "Yeah Dad, it does."

If a six year old can handle God's complete and total sovereignty over EVERYTHING, then why is it so hard for us adults?

Please let my love and concern for people be clear when I say: If you should read your Bible objectively and thoroughly and still come away convinced that God does not choose, then so be it. But God forbid you despise the doctrines of grace because you will not bow the knee to a God who chooses, for it may be there that the idolatry of the self has its strongest grip on your life.

Ask yourself, "Am I prepared, if convinced the Bible teaches it, to accept that God chooses life and death, heaven and hell, prosperity and poverty, every second of existence, and that to HIS pleasure and glory?" If the answer is no then ask why, because you may have a very serious problem on your hands.

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