Thursday, November 13, 2008

Parental advice

Excerpt from "How Not to Raise a Pagan"

“One of the reasons we are raising a generation of pagans in our midst, is that we are faithful as parents to talk about God, but the God we talk about is not the God of the Bible. Many Children growing up in Christian homes simply don’t know the God of the Bible. They know the god of popular culture, the god of popular piety, they know the user-friendly god of Amercian consumerism; they know the god who doesn’t require much of them; the god who is kindly and sweet and remote; the god who is like an indulgent grandparent; the god who doesn’t take sin too seriously; the god who doesn’t take his people’s allegience too seriously; the god who fits in the gaps where necessary; the god who shows up at a blessing at a meal — hurried and rushed to get to the main purpose of the meal; the god who shows up at a crisis and someone remembers him and speaks of him. There is no wonder, when we think about it, that we are raising pagans, because the god they have come to know in many Christian homes simply isn’t the God of the Bible. He is himself an idol.”

“Too many of our children are innoculated with this false and artificial understanding of God, because they think of God’s Word as something like a greeting card….Do your children know that God kills people?”

-Al Mohler

You can catch the rest of it here.

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