Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why I love my wife- Reason #437

Times bein' what they are- tough, and me bein' what I am- a lowly carpenter, the little woman and I were talking about Christmas the other day. I was suggesting that we get one family gift, and keep the cost down because winter in New England can be scary for the self-employed tradesmen. At any given moment, I am not guaranteed to have something to next month, or even next week. Even when I do, weather plays a large part, so I plan on losing several days due weather each winter. Here's a paraphrase of the conversation:

Me: Let's keep Christmas simple this year, maybe get a family gift for everybody.

Wifey: And you don't have to get me anything...

Me: And I don't need anything.

Wifey: So don't get me anything either.

(Wifey thinks seriously, the clock ticks, tides ebb and flow, then says, matter-of-factly)

" We should at least get each other gaiters."

Me: *SMILE* Oh, I do so love you.

She is a multi-faceted diamond, of infinite beauty, and I am still noticing how she shimmers in new and exciting ways. One of the newest sparkles is that for her, if we trade no other gifts this Christmas, we simply must get each other gaiters, a waterproof, knee-high boot and shin wrap designed to keep out the water and snow while hiking.

She is unique above all others and I wouldn't trade her for 50,000,000, and I really mean that.

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samuel said...

Nice. I love my wife too.