Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Behold the Lamb of God

The above video is a sampling of what I saw on Saturday night.

I drove (actually rode, thanks James) 3.5 hours to see a Christmas concert. Well, it wasn't really a Christmas concert, it was more of a Christ concert. And it was the best one I've ever seen, and that includes the same one that I saw last year.

Professional, Gospel-centered and humorous, The Behold the Lamb of God tour is worth the drive to Connecticut, for most anybody.

I laughed at an Andrew Osenga song about Canada, sniffled at Ben Shive's God-centered song about fireworks, almost lost it while Bebo sang Nothing Without You and then gave up trying to hold it back during the entire Behold the Lamb of God album. That's a long time for a grown man to cry, but I did it, with some brief breaks...

But when the weight of God's final sacrificial lamb gets laid on you, how can you do anything else? Here's a quote from a reputable person that applies. Just stop, and think about the death of God Himself to secure your pardon, just for five minutes. Let it sink in, and don't shut it off when it starts to feel like a truck on your chest. Let it crush you this Christmas, and may you never heal.

If you can make it to this concert, please go. You will not regret it.

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