Monday, December 08, 2008

Green shorts and Man

This is the sight to which I awoke yesterday morning. Well, actually, it was the ceiling, but shortly thereafter, I saw the temperature. So I checked the web, and it said 11 degrees. Fortunately though, it also said it feels like zero.

It's days like this that challenge my manhood, or at least my stubbornness (which are easy to confuse sometimes).

I am a wearer of shorts, and that because I do not like pants. Hmmmmm...

Would I like them in a tree? Would I like them next to me?

Would I like them with a ham? Would I like them, Sam I am?

I would not like them in a tree, I would not like them next to me.

I would not like them with a ham, I do not like them, Sam I am!

Sorry, I have little kids. At least that's my excuse.

I consider it a personal challenge to laugh in the face of winter for as long as possible, so every year, I avoid wearing pants to work for as long as possible. My goal this year is to make it to the new year or in-my-shoes-deep snow, whichever comes first.

Maybe I should consider wearing shorts for charity, or maybe just for money.


Jodi said...

I believe you and Will Smith truly are the brothers your last names indicate. He, as you, is a real man and exclusive wearer of shorts. If only we were all in Scotland and you real men could wear kilts...

Kevin said...

Yeah, we haven't even touched the topic of kilts... yet.