Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An Almighty Nickname

Now that the twins are five, I decided it was time to get some real learnin' in their heads before bed. So much of what we teach them today is about the individual stories of the Bible, and we never tie them in to the big picture, so I began a Bible overview, focusing on the Metanarrative.

Another goal is to teach them to interpret Scripture by asking interpretive questions. So in the first session I was mentioning the purpose of everything, and citing Eph. 1:10- "to unite all things in Him..." I asked, "who's the 'him' there?" Of course, someone said "God", but I was fishing for the more specific answer. So I said, "But there's another name..." And immediately Emma says:

"Well, His real name is I AM, but we just call Him God." The burning bush thing, you know.

I guess "God" is just a nickname.

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