Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In one of those nighttime conversations only possible during cuddles, my children bring up Lord of the Rings. (Yeah, I let 'em watch it. So call DSS) I actually don't mind them seeing something like LOTR, even though it considered over their age range, and has some dark stuff in it. But you know, this world has even darker things in it, and Middle Earth isn't even real. (I have endevoured for years for my kids to always know the difference.)

Resident girly-girl Nora Smith, age 5, explains to me why she likes Legolas so much:

#1- He's so sewious!

#2- He's so expewienced!

#3- I want to watch Lord of Da Wings because of Legolas, I just can't stop thinking about him. Ohhhhhhh......!

A woman of simple tastes, Hannah Boo says she likes Legolas because of his hair. ( It is very well kept.)

Emma, who loves things dark and sinister, prefers the Uruk-Hai, all the goblins, and is especially fond of the "D-warf", Gimli. The Balrog scared the badoody out of her, because he was "ginormous".

Me? Seems clear to me that the real hero of LOTR is none other than our own Mr. Samwise Gamgee. He did what no one else could do, remained true the whole time doing it, and everyone else's labors would have been in vain were it not for him. To me there is no question.

What about you, all two of you? Who's your favorite, and don't forget the why, it's as important as the answer.


Caroline said...

Believe it or not, I've never seen any of the LOTR movies, current or otherwise.

The Boisverts said...

What a great and funny post! My boys love LOTR, too (I won't call DSS if you won't). My favorite is Sam, too, but the boys love Legolas (um, but not for the reasons your little ladies do. well, I hope not). :-)

samuel d smith said...

OK, this is my third attempt at a comment:


It has to be Samwise, though Aragorn and Faramir are close seconds in my view.

Sam was always my favorite character, and not for nominal reasons. I think I have read that JRRT shares our view, which is a credit to him.

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JB said...

I like Aragorn. Humble, willing to accept his role despite being the most capable fighter/adventurer in the group. Also had awesome man-hair and a cool girlfriend.