Saturday, September 20, 2008

Murder Mystery???

It's a question of Whodunnit, or for that matter, whattheheckdidtheydo? I will give a brief description and a few details, and then you finish the story, with as much explanation as possible. Over the course of the next week or so, I will periodically update with more facts, until the collectively we can take a vote and decide what fate befell these poor rodents.

#1- Approximately 6 miles into our backpacking trip, my wife and I looked down to see the above picture: a pile of dead mice right in the middle of the trail. What happened to them? How did they get there?


The Boisverts said...



samuel said...

Allow me to inquire further...

Where were YOU (imagine I am pointing my pipe at, for I am) on the night in question?

And also, were they stuck together? As in, are they in a nice little cconglomoration of death? Or are they isolated corpses? Also, were they found exactly as they are pictured, or was the evidence tampered with by suspect #1 (aka Kevin Jack Smith)?