Thursday, May 14, 2009

Must listen sermons #3

Here is our next installment of Must Listen Sermons. You can find the others, which I affectionately call Must listen #1 and Must listen #2, by clicking the pretty purple words.

I was exposed to the preaching of Arturo Azurdia III almost two years ago, and God has used him immensely in my life. In a world so immersed in itself, a preacher who's goal is to "preach an irresistible Christ", who adheres ruggedly to the text, and would fit right into the Core of Old Testament Prophets is a very refreshing thing.

I've already included his website in a list of good resources, but let me give you a few suggestions from the list.

A Clarion Call to a Worldly Christianity- Three parts on being in the world but not of it. Oh so good..

The Transformation of a Working Girl- I'm not going to give you anything on this one, just listen to it.

There are many more from Dr. A, but this should be enough to wet your whistle.

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